Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Words of my Fellow PCVs

Sometimes other PCVs express events and sentiments and experiences in such a way that no other words could describe them as accurately. (And sometimes it's just a perfect anecdotal story to show what life is like here!) I often read other Volunteers' blogs and feel like this. I wanted to share some particularly pertinent blog posts, with the hope that it will paint a more clear picture of what I am feeling and what life is like here in Botswana. Please take some time to read these noteworthy and amazing posts by my friends:

On Culture:

On Language:

On Food:

On Work:

On Growth:

On Experiences:

On Emotions:

And there are many many others that I think will help shed light onto this experience and give you all a more holistic view of life here. I learn so much from my fellow volunteers. I hope you do too.

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