Monday, July 30, 2012

Changing Weather

I have talked about the blazing hot summers and the surprisingly freezing cold winters in Botswana but I have yet to write about the perplexing in-between. Perhaps this is because it is short lived and therefore doesn't leave a lasting impression. But it is a really interesting time of year right now and I want to share it with anyone still sticking with me here...

We are reaching the end of winter now which means it is warming up during the day, especially when you're sitting in the sunshine, but it still gets frigid cold at night (but even this is getting more bearable, meaning you don't see your breath anymore). I have found this time of year very enjoyable. I wear a t-shirt and jeans during the day (maybe with a cardigan when I go inside) and then I grab a fleece when the sun goes down. I like it. It's pleasant after sweating my life away for 9 months then shivering for 2.

The best thing about this time of year, though, is people watching. Why? Because clothes span the spectrum of attire from something you would see in the arctic to the bahamas! I kid you not! You will be walking through the village and see someone in a tank top (thick straps) and bermuda shorts and then a few meters away will be someone in a wool coat, turtleneck, and beanie. You will literally see people of all shapes and sizes wearing clothing fit for every season. I can only assume that the quantity of clothing on a person is a reflection of what time they got up and dressed in the morning. But, I can tell you, I really love it. It keeps you on your toes, is endlessly entertaining, and frees you up to wear whatever it is you want to wear in whatever clothing combination you choose to wear it. This time of year is my favorite.

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