Sunday, December 4, 2011

Baby Blessings!!!

A few hours ago I heard scrambling outside and a dog crying. Now, dog cries are not really unusual here but, for some reason, the sound concerned me ("maternal instincts" perhaps) and I had the thought in the back of my mind that "my" dog, Puppy, might be having her babies (her pregnant tummy had really ballooned over the last few days but I wasn't sure when her "due date" was so I didn't necessarily have cause for concern but that was where my mind wandered). I looked out the window to see what was going on and I saw Puppy trying to get to something behind a pile of bins and buckets and poles that are by the work shed on my compound. She looked frantic so I grabbed my flip flops and ran out there. As I approached the rubbish, I heard the faint sound of baby puppies. (Holy smokes, could I be right?!) Climbing over paint cans and a variety of other things, I saw a pile of newborns. I started moving everything out of the way and Puppy went running to their side. A few of them looked as though they weren't breathing and I reached for them, half expecting Puppy to get upset and growl at me but not knowing what else to do. She didn't get upset, in fact she looked really relieved I was there. I started cleaning them off and gently stroking them, hoping they would start to make some sort of sound to indicate they were alive, as a few of the others were doing. One by one they started making noises. I cleared some more things out of the way and Puppy nestled next to them and the puppies began moving towards her to feed. I found more puppies underneath things and lodged between cans - they were everywhere. I counted eight in total.

After being sure that they were all collected, alive, and feeding, I went to check on mama dog. She was starting to settle down from the fright and began to lick her babies and also my hand as I gave her and her babies pets on the head. No one was around and I wasn't sure what to do but everyone seemed okay so I was feeling pretty good at this point. After some time, I began to make them a shelter in a safer place on the compound in between the shed and the house. I moved a little dog house in and covered the ground with blankets and sheets. (Bye bye spare set of sheets!) I brought in a dish of water and two huge handfuls of dog treats for Puppy to munch on. When everything was ready, I put the eight little ones into a basket and carried them carefully into the new shelter area, mama dog right behind me. The whole clan nestled into their new home and seemed very comfortable. Phew!

Mama and babies are now happy and resting and oh so precious. Everyone seems to have made it! I have been going outside to check on them every half hour or so... Will I continue running back and forth to check on them for the next who knows how long? Yes, yes I probably will. Am I okay with that? ABSOLUTELY! I am such a proud mama right now! :)

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