Thursday, June 19, 2014

IECD Resource Pack In Action

For nearly a year, I have been working as part of a technical team to develop a resource pack to train educators and communities about integrated early childhood development (IECD). In my final days working at PCI, we finished the IECD Resource Pack and received approval from the Government of Botswana for it to be used as part of a curriculum to certify pre-school teachers from rural and remote communities. This was a huge feat for us and something we were very proud to achieve because of its potential positive impact for these most at-risk communities.

This week we started our very first training using the IECD Resource Pack. My counterpart in the effort called me to thank me for all of the great work I did and to let me know that the training was going exceedingly well and she was so happy. Yesterday, the US Embassy in Botswana posted about this training (and, subsequently, my resource pack) on their Facebook page. It is wonderful that our project is getting accolades and visibility in this way. I am so proud to have been a key player in this project and am excited to see where it goes from here.

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