Thursday, March 3, 2011

"We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the life that is waiting for us"

Today should be like any other day except that today I woke up with butterflies in my stomach. Why? Because it's official: my dreams are coming true. My life feels sort of surreal right now and it's hard to believe that everything is falling into place. I mean, holy cow is this really happening?! My flight to Philadelphia for staging is booked, invitations to my going away parties are sent, and today is my last day of work. THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING! I have dreamed about this for a long time, wondering if it would ever happen, and it's hard to believe that it finally is. I am moving forward from a job that I have been at for nearly four years and am preparing for something that feels like a lifetime in the making. All that's left is tying up the loose ends and getting on the plane...

I just finished meeting with the man who will be taking over my job doing grant writing and development for my nonprofit. I am confident that he will surpass even my high expectations for our agency. It makes me feel good to know that the programs I have been working for will be taken care of and the agency will continue to grow and help children and families. It is such a relief.

At the end of the day, I will toast a martini with my mom and be grateful for all that I learned in this job and for the opportunity to move forward into this new life journey.

What will I be doing until I leave in 28 days? I will be organizing and packing, spending time with my family and friends, eating delicious food, rekindling my yoga practice, walking my dog, and enjoying every minute of time I have left in the United States. This is going to be good! :)


  1. It's real!!!! I know it makes me all giddy inside.

  2. I just saw this, so it's a bit old, but you sold your car today which is its own monumental moment! Congrats again! You're totally rocking out your life! ^_^

  3. It's all coming together Tija...I'm so proud of you. It's hard to believe you're really going...hard to think about making coffee for 1 instead of 2, hard to think about not "burning" enough chicken for both of us. But on the other side of it all, you're doing what you've wanted to do for so long. It's going to be so wonderful. Hard at times I'm sure, but growth isn't always easy. I think I can speak for both Jena and I, we're so proud of you Tija, we're sure you'll do amazing things and you'll grow so much from this experience. Bottom line...we love you!