Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dance Party Weekend!!!

This past weekend was a double dance party weekend! Yes, that means it was an exceptionally good weekend to be on 26th Ave!

The first dance party was at my going away party on Saturday night. It was a really really fun party! All of my neighbors, my family, and most of my friends were in attendance. My friend Vanessa even drove up from Portland, my cousin Madison from Seattle, and my sister and her boyfriend from Southern California! (Yes, I do feel extremely loved!) There was a seriously delicious array of African dishes and we drank "Kalahari Killers" (2 liters of tequila mixed with orange, mango, peach fruit juice), 11 bottles of wine, and a lot of beer... proving once again that "If it's there, it will get drunk!" (I am still shocked by this feat!) That amount of alcohol will almost always make for a rockin dance party! This dance party was extra fun though because it was joined by all of the neighborhood kids and let me tell you they can boogie! We had kids break dancing around their parents wiggling and grandparents doing the mashed potato! I. Love. Parties. I really couldn't have been happier! Everyone had a great time, I got a billion hugs, and my feet were sore at the end of the night!

We did it all over again the next night for my mom's 60th birthday surprise party! There were times when I thought the surprise wasn't going to work but boy was she shocked! Her face in the pic to the left says everything! The neighbors came back a second night to celebrate and some of my mom's dearest friends joined us! We laughed, we ate delicious food (courtesy of my Aunt Patti), and then we danced and danced and danced! It really was another fun night!

Overall, the weekend was beyond amazing! It was filled with so much love and fun! I've said it before but it's soooooo true: I have such a blessed life full of the most wonderful people! Thank you to everyone who was a part of the parties and who shook their groove thing!

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