Wednesday, January 23, 2013

You Know... "The Really Fast Scary Train"!

Every so often, something happens here that makes me smile and reminds me that I have once lived in a different world. Today held one such event...

While chatting with the ladies from my NGO about all the great things that Botswana has to offer (and which they readily admitted to not taking advantage of despite proximity and their renowned splendor) - the Okavango Delta, the CKGR, Victoria Falls - the subject of the new amusement park that is just outside Gaborone came up. They were talking about the wave pool and the rides and saying how it could be a tourist attraction too and, with proud smiles on their faces, stating that they had actually been there. They then started talking about "the really fast scary train". I was looking at them absolutely confused. What in the world are these crazy ladies talking about?! What is a "really fast scary train"?! How did we transition to this?! And then it dawned on me. They were talking about the roller-coaster that was constructed last year! A "really fast scary train" is a roller-coaster! Ta-dah! I burst out laughing once I figured it out because it was the most precious thing ever and because I could understand why they were calling it that from what I can only imagine is a really awkward translation from Setswana. It's new, they've never seen one before, and their description fit the bill! Oh cultural and linguistic barriers, how you constantly make me smile!

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