Monday, January 14, 2013

House Building Project Update

Last week we finalized the paperwork to move forward with the house building project. This meant meeting with the Kgosi to authorize (and ensure) inheritance of the plot and its structures to the children and grandchildren when the mother eventually passes and then submitting the forms with the land board. This was of utmost importance to me before continuing the construction, primarily because I want to make sure the young ones do not get overpowered by long lost relatives or anyone else who might sweep in during the 11th hour and leave the kids even more destitute. Fortunately, we were successful in getting everything organized and officially filed so it was all systems go on the project over the weekend!

The interior of the house has been plastered and the doors have been ordered. Painting and installation of windows, doors, and so forth is set for some time within the next two weeks. If our financial resources hold out, it looks like we will also be able to get the house wired for electricity. In total, the house should be ready for the family to be moved in by Valentine's Day! Now that's what I call a "gift of love"!

This is a collosal achievement - building a home for this family will improve their lives beyond measure. This is possible because of the kind, generous, and wonderful support of the Gabane and American communities who have pledged so much. I will forever be grateful to each person who shared in this project.

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