Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Holy Mackerel!

I know I stated in my passed blog post that it was a little over five months until my group closes its service and heads onto the next adventure. Well, folks, I was somewhat mistaken in my calculations. It turns out there are only 139 days left before we hit the pavement (whoa, pavement?!). That means it's actually closer to four and a half months! I over-estimated by nearly a month! How quickly the time goes... But why am I mentioning this? Could it just be a clerical error that I wanted to fix? No way. I've made a number of those throughout my postings, I'm sure (whoops, sorry), and I haven't made a post about it (I just fixed it in the original post and moved on). Could it be because I can't wait to get out of here? Heck no! If you couldn't tell, I love it here. So much so that over the weekend I officially sent in my application to extend my service for another year. So then why!? you might ask. Fear not, I will tell you! It's because I JUST NOW, while having a casual IM conversation with my mother, had to have my very first "plan around this when you make arrangements to come home" discussion. Yes, folks, I am coming home so soon that I am actually having to consider things and plan around them for when I get there! (WHAT?! Are you kidding me?! I can hardly believe it!) Although I don't have the exact date yet for when I will be in the great state of Washington (check back in with me near the end of February), it's close enough that we can start murmuring about that day. And, more importantly, start planning the epic party that will be had! I mean, after all, it will be a "30th birthday" slash "welcome back" slash "we've missed you" slash "good luck in your third year" (hopefully) party! That sort of thing has to go down in history I think! So watch out family, friends, and followers... I'm coming for you! And SOON! :)

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