Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I have a case of whiplash. Why? Because I'm being yanked back and forth by the site placement/reassignment gods (aka Peace Corps).

As you know, a few days ago I was told that I was moving to Mogoditshane. I went to the new NGO, I wandered around the village, and I looked at a potential house. Afterwards, I had a discussion with my APCD about the move and I expressed a couple concerns but then, this afternoon, I told her that I was excited about the possibilities in the village and was eager to go. She told me that I would be moving within the next two weeks. I began packing. I packed and packed and had most of one of the rooms organized into boxes and ready to go. I was getting ready to start in on another room when my phone rang. It was my APCD. The phone networks were being screwy so everything I heard was choppy but it sounded kind of like "Senior staff met... Mogoditshane... Molepolole... what... your interests..." and then it hung up. A few minutes later I received a text message from her explaining the call. Essentially she said that Peace Corps' senior staff had met and decided against moving me to Mogoditshane and would start looking for potential placements in Molepolole instead. She said that the decision had been reached in part because of safety concerns that I had expressed earlier (I mentioned them because I had been told there were rough areas and to make sure my house was in a safe location. Apparently our safety and security officer met with the police today to discuss this and find out where was acceptable to look for house - I'm guessing they said it wasn't so safe. Shouldn't they have looked into this before having me go to the site?!) and in part because they don't want to have volunteers in the village in the future since finding housing is so difficult and they don't want spillover of volunteers in Gaborone. So where does this leave me? Well, if I believe what Peace Corps is saying right now, then I may be moving to Molepolole (a village north of me) to work for a yet unidentified organization that may or may not work with orphans and youth (per my request). If I don't trust Peace Corps yet because this yo-yo game is giving me a headache, then I am in limbo again and unsure of what is going to happen next. Right now I just hope that things get sorted out quickly. In three months I will have been in country for a year and, at least in my opinion, it is absolutely unacceptable to still be dealing with this. Now the question becomes: do I scream or do I cry?

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