Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Heartening Words from a Friend

My friends are amazing. I am not sure how I got so lucky but I have been truly blessed.

My mentioning this could be referring to any number of times that my friends have been there for me and gone above and beyond to show their support, but this time I am talking about the outpouring of love shown yesterday after I posted about the insanity that is my site relocation process. Most comments got me fired up - made me want to fight and kick and scream about everything that I have gone through. (So needed and appreciated.) But one note, in particular, made my heart smile a little and helped calm my spirits. I wanted to share it on this blog because I am sure it will serve as a reminder of this crazy journey in the years to come. My friend's words deserve that kind of recognition.

Thank you my friend. Your words are too kind. I am eternally grateful for you.

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