Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cape Town, South Africa Trip

I intended to write this post immediately upon my return to Botswana, however that plan was quickly tarnished with all the hoopla of my site relocation. Sigh. But even all that chaos cannot put a damper on the amazingness that was my vacation to Cape Town!

This year, I rung in the New Year with a week-long trip to Cape Town, alongside 14 of my Peace Corps friends! I had expected to be somewhat overwhelmed in coming to Cape Town, having been away from that sort of life since moving to a rural village nine months prior. While I was awe-struck in seeing multi-story buildings, street signs, and abundance, I was surprised as to how fast I adjusted back into life in the fast lane. It was welcomed and exciting. I think we all felt this way about this respite. It was a week full of gluttony, as we ate delicious meal after delicious meal (everything from McDonalds breakfast to sushi to Mexican feasts); vanity in long days of shopping, manis and pedis, and Thai massages; relaxation on the coastal beaches; and an over-indulgence in wine, nightlife, and adventure! What follows is a picture tour of the highlights from the trip:


In the end, the trip was exactly what we all needed. We were able to get a glimpse back into the lives we left and feel connected to who we were before coming here. And then, in the end, we were able to come back rejuvenated and with a renewed sense of what we are doing here and who we have become.

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