Saturday, November 12, 2011

Towards A Bright New Future

Good news folks! It seems as though the staff at the NGO (in particular the Center Coordinator) has finally realized the severity of the situation we are facing (i.e. the organization is closed) and is trying to do something about it! After all my calls and text messages and guilt-ridden pleas, I received a visit from my counterpart yesterday afternoon to discuss and start working on a proposal (that he identified)! Not only that, but he stayed and worked on it with me for an hour! He was motivated, took initiative, and seems poised to keep the momentum going!

After he left, I spent another couple hours doing all that I could on the proposal and getting it ready to be submitted early next week. All that I need now is for my counterpart to verify a couple statistics (which he has informed me he will do over the weekend) and we are good to go!

Could this be the start of a bright new future for the NGO? Dare I do a happy dance? Yes, I do. Three cheers for small victories and glimmers of hope!


  1. What great news. Besides you, do you know what really inspired him?

    I love you...Mom

  2. I'm guessing that going 5+ months without a paycheck motivated him a little bit. And the Board Chairperson and I had a pretty intense discussion about the whole situation the other day. Combine that with everything else and he's trying. I'm not going to get my hopes up too much though because I had to do 95% of the work on the proposal and I haven't heard from him since we met and we were supposed to go over it yesterday and again today... So we'll see. But fingers crossed! :)