Thursday, October 21, 2010

Yes, I Want To Party

Since word got out that I finally took the plunge and applied for Peace Corps, everyone has been asking me about my "going away party." Well, folks, I am here to say that I have absolutely no idea when this blowout party will be yet. The problem is that I am still waiting for confirmation that I passed medical so that I can talk with a Placement Officer and receive my formal invitation to serve. Without these things, I cannot set a date for this "going away party." Yes, I want to party. And yes, I want to know when it is going to be just as much as each of you (probably more). So, if you want to get this party on your calendars soon so that you can start getting excited about it, then you are going to need to contact Peace Corps and let them know it's time for me to finish up the process and receive my formal invitation. Once I have that, we will get this party started!

1 comment:

  1. Lol, that's one of the best reasons to get the invite I've heard aside from actually knowing where you'll serve. It would be wicked funny if Peace Corps stated getting all these calls from your friends saying "hey man, when's Tija leaving? We want to throw a party for her and you're holding up to process. Come on, tell us already!"

    Good luck! Your packet needs to be reviewed soon!!