Tuesday, October 23, 2012

How To Save A Life

Today I saved a baby goat. Yes, a baby goat. Only the most precious creature on the planet and one that I have been obsessed with since arriving in Botswana. What makes this "save" even more adorable is that this lost little baby goat had been marching along with a herd of other babies. A baby cow, four baby sheep, two baby goats, and some little chickens! It was an adorably motley crew to say the least. If it wasn't for the endangered baby goat, I would have stopped in awe over the cuteness of the group. Anyway, on to the saving... I first heard the sound of a baby goat crying. I looked around frantically because A. it was a baby goat, I knew it, and I love them and B. it was about to storm and I wanted to get home before the skies unleashed something from Hades on me. So I looked and I looked and finally I found a little baby goat sort of upside-down and stuck in a thorn bush. The other babies were going buck-wild so I knew there was something up. After getting a little torn up from the thorn bushes and a little bruised from the mild battering I took from the baby goat trying to get itself free, I released it to continue on with its other baby friends. And happy to be free that baby goat was! It looked like it was skipping off, tapping its heels with joy! And what a sight it was to see a herd of babies go by! I must ask, however, where were these guys' mamas?! and would this have happened if they were there?! At least these babies will have a good story to tell... And so will I! "The day I saved a baby goat!"

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