Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Continued Excitement and Success

Today has been another extraordinary day for me and for Gabane Community Home-Based Care for two reasons:

1. This morning we had a meeting with a representative from a national foundation that wants to fund all of our operational costs for the center for the next two to three years! She said they have only accepted proposals to fund operational costs twice in the foundation's history but that, after seeing our organization and talking with us, she will be our personal advocate to make sure our proposal goes through. We will learn the final decision in two weeks but she thinks it will happen.

2. Our dilapidated old playground is going to be replaced! Why? Because I have organized to get a new one donated to our center! In the upcoming months, the old playground will be renovated and a new playground added to our existing one. That's twice the fun for our little ones!

My NGO has certainly received its fair share of blessings lately. We couldn't be more grateful. I think this sort of achievement calls for a "Percy Happy Dance"!

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