Friday, May 4, 2012

The Wonderful Women Of My NGO

There are so many times when I look around at the women that work at my NGO and think to myself how very special and wonderful they are. Watching them interact with each other, the children, and the patients is such a blessing - they are the sort of kind and caring and gentle people that we all should aspire to be. They truly look out for everyone's best interests and want everyone to be happy and feel loved. I am so fortunate to be surrounded by them every day. Today, in particular, I felt a sense that I was a part of their "family".

This morning I received a phone call from one of the women stating that they had the water hookup to the shower at the NGO fixed so I could come and take a shower there and get clean (since I'm now on day twelve without water at my house). I gathered all my things and ran over to the Center to take advantage of the opportunity. I got there and they were all smiling, proud that they were able to help me, and we all did a little "excited jig" together because I was literally skipping with excitement on my way there (and they saw). After my shower, they smiled huge smiles and laughed with me because I was so happy. Then we sat in the kitchen area bantering about the day - passing inside jokes and quips back and forth - and helping each other prepare the lunch for the children today. After some time, I noticed the cooks giving me coy glances as they put something in a large cooking pot. I looked closer and saw they were making madombi! This is my absolute favorite Setswana food and I never ever have it so I literally jumped up and down and they all giggled seeing that I noticed. They said they were making it in my honor because I have had a hard couple of weeks and wanted me to have something comforting and also because they are thankful for the work I have been doing. How sweet is that? This whole day was designed by them especially for me. Wow. It warms my heart to know that I am part of what they are concerned about now and that I am part of their little family. And, outside my own amazing family (both given and chosen), I can't imagine a better group to be welcomed into.


  1. aww! how sweet of them!
    You didn't happen to take a picture of that dish before digging in, did you? :)

  2. How perfect! I am not at all surprised, you are one special woman Tija! <3