Wednesday, May 23, 2012

An End to the Drought IN SIGHT!!!

Drumroll please.... I have a new house!!! Well, probably... It's not entirely official and it is contingent on a few things buuuuuuuuut, if all goes as planned, it seems an end to the drought is in sight!

Apparently the DAC sent someone from the Council to my village yesterday to look at a potential house for me and they approved it for me to move into! (Hence my excitement since their declaration of approval is pretty much it since they pay my rent.) Since they came unannounced and saw the house on their own, I haven't seen it yet but I understand that it is two bedrooms, has electricity, and (the clincher) running water! (They are even saying that a geyser may be installed soon meaning I may have hot running water! No heating water up on the stove for baths?! Yes please! Fingers crossed this actually happens...) The house is still very near the NGO but it's a bit further into the village, which may prove to be really great for meeting more people. The house is not nearly as polished and nice as my current house (i.e. no fireplace, no built-in kitchen, no island, and no closets/wardrobes) but that really is not hard to do... But the landlord/neighbor (the house is kind of like a duplex) is supposed to be really cool and this house has something my fancy "posh-corps" house doesn't... WATER!

So how the deal goes is that this new house is still unfinished and under construction (it needs floor tiles put in, the security door attached, and some finishings) but all of the work should be completed within two weeks. If this happens (and the Council says it will) then the house is mine! This means that I could have a move-in date around my birthday! I'm going to be hoping and wishing that the landlord pulls through on getting everything finished in this timeframe and the agreement sticks! I mean, by that point it will "only" be seven weeks straight without water... But, if I can have water again, then it's worth the wait! (Nothing like going without to make you appreciate every little thing so much more!)

I'm going to get a first glimpse, drive-by style, tomorrow so stay tuned for my initial thoughts and continued updates on this pending move!

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  1. How exciting!!
    I still can't believe that you've been without water for 5 weeks.

    You know what's kind of funny? After reading your posts about your mini drought, I've been really watching how I use my water while thinking "I don't want it to run out!"