Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Weather Realization

A few days ago, I learned something that is very disturbing to anyone that believes 117F/47C is way too hot to be existing in. I am one of those people.

The news is that thermometers melt in the sun in Botswana. (I told you the sun was scorching here!) So what this means is that they gauge the temperatures here using thermometers placed in the shade... The shade where we all go during the summer to hide from the blazing sun because it is about 15 degrees F cooler there... Meaning when I have checked the weather and seen temperatures rise to 117, it's really much much MUCH hotter! Holy smokes folks! I knew it was hot these last six months but, it turns out, I had no idea how hot! (Good thing it's turning to winter now and we can finally cool off!)


  1. 1) That sounds like death, as I tend to start melting at approx 40C
    2) I love that you realized this on year two ;)

  2. Oh, it's totally "death"! Granted, it isn't like that continuously for six months (40C is the norm in the summer.... according to the thermostats, however, which I now know are stacked against us!). And I'm not sure how I didn't realize it in the twelve months leading up to now... I think probably because once you get to a certain temperature where you're constantly melting, who really cares and what's a few more degrees?! I mean, all I knew was that it was HOT! And boy was it! Whoops! :)