Wednesday, April 11, 2012

State of Happiness

To say that I have been in a good place lately is an understatement. I have truly been blissfully happy these passed few months. So happy, in fact, that "Walking on Sunshine" would most likely be my background music as I skip around the paths of Botswana. And why shouldn't I be? I am doing meaningful work with staff that are excited about learning and growing, I am noticing genuine progress in my projects, I see baby donkeys and goats every single day, I have amazing friends and a wonderful boyfriend, my family and one of my dearest friends are coming to visit, and the weather is finally just about perfect. As if I needed to get any happier, today I packed my bag full of toys and crafts and headed down the A-10 to my old stomping ground of Kumakwane to visit my Kums Kids. And, let me tell you, that did the trick! Happiness overload!

When I arrived in Kumakwane, a huge smile came across my face. As I strolled (read: strutted) down the path towards my old house, "strangers" were stopping me to ask where I have been lately (they noticed I was gone! who would have thought?!) and I greeted friends from the village that I have been missing. When I got to my old compound, the dogs came barreling over to me, jumping up and down and giving me kisses. Together with the dogs, I made my way around the village to look for the Kums Kids. It didn't take long before I was trampled and overwhelmed with hugs. I felt like I was coming home after a long time away, being greeted by loved ones. Most notably: my little Bokena. When Bokena saw me, she literally leapt over her fence and came running at me. We were soon joined by some of the other kids, her brother Bofelo included. For about four hours, we played frisbee, jumped rope, and did craft projects. The kids covered their faces (and my cell phone) with heart stickers that I brought and showed me the progress they have been making in school (either by spelling words in the dirt or telling me all the words they now know in english, etc.). It was a perfect day with them. Actually, even hours later, my cheeks hurt from smiling so much.

To me, today was the coming together of my two lives in Botswana. The things that have made me completely happy here exist in both Gabane and Kumakwane. These are the things that have made this first year (and the rest of my service) so wonderful. Today they became one and the same - coexisting in the happiness I am experiencing these days. Life in Gabane is everything I could have hoped for and definitely where I am meant to be and Kumakwane (and those kids and dogs) will always have my heart.

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  1. Sounds like the perfect day! I love that picture of Bokena hugging you- she looks so incredibly happy.