Saturday, August 6, 2011

Next Major Milestone: IST

Tomorrow I reach my next landmark on the Peace Corps Volunteer's journey: In-Service Training (IST). Tomorrow I will head to a nearby village to start two more weeks of training with Peace Corps. There I will be reunited with my Bots 10 family - we will share stories, impart our collective knowledge, and gain new skills through intensive training. We will be together for the first time in two months (which seems like an eternity when you went through something as bonding as PST together). And at the end of IST, we will officially be off of "lockdown". This means that we made it! We made it through our assessment phase and our period of relative isolation and now we can go explore this new world together. We accomplished something monumental and we can rejoice!

I am grateful to have gotten to this point. Of course, it wasn't without hardship but I believe it made me even more appreciative of where I am now. T minus 24 hours until the celebration begins!

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  1. I'm happy for you Tija...and I love you! Can't wait to be there to explore with you.