Monday, January 31, 2011

An Apology Letter

Dear Family and Friends,

This is an apology letter. Why do I need to apologize to everyone in one fell swoop? Because you have all been subject to my obsessive nature lately... I am a girl possessed by leaving for Peace Corps! I am eating, sleeping, breathing, and thinking entirely about this upcoming adventure. And it seems that I have developed an uncanny ability to make everything refer back to the Peace Corps. Literally, as I type this, I am having a conversation about pumpkin cupcakes with a coworker and somehow found a way to bring it back to Peace Corps ("you know, they eat a lot of pumpkins in Botswana"). I feel badly because I am sure it is annoying or, if it isn't yet, it will become annoying. Please bear with me. I am sure that in 2.5 years my conversations will return to normal... I hope. Until then, know that I love you all and am so appreciative of your patience and support. Ke a leboga ("thank you" in Setswana)!

Tija the Possessed

P.S. This is how it will look on the other side of this adventure...

(Thanks to Elizabeth for reminding me of this PSA! Classic!)


  1. If you weren't always talking about it, living it, breathing it, it would be weird. I can't speak for everyone, but I'm sure no one is tired of hearing you speak of Bots (as we have now started to call it)!!

    The more excited you are about it, the easier it is for me to know it's the right decision for you, so please, keep talking to me about it!!!

    I love you, Mom

  2. Dear Tija the possessed,
    I love and look forward to these emails! Your new obsession is joyous!!
    I love you!
    Aunt Regina

  3. Your obsession fuels my obsession, so it's _all good_ (though sometimes I think Craig would beg to differ ^_- )!!

  4. hahaha on that third to last sentence about conversations returning to normal after service? i can only imagine that they will be worse. Have you seen the PSA called "conversations"? it's a gem.

  5. Ha ha, that video is hilarious. I am already annoying myself so I can't imagine how my friends and family feel. Tija, I can imagine that in 2 years when we get home, we'll be texting each other randomly, "Remember that time in Botswana..."

  6. "and this one time, in africa..."

  7. Really very well written this really appreciate it..keep up the good work!