Friday, September 10, 2010

Why the Peace Corps?

I have been asked a lot about my reasons for wanting to join the Peace Corps so I decided to start out with that explanation. My desire to be a part of this movement has been a long time coming and I genuinely believe that the experiences in my life have gotten me to the place where I can be a very positive and constructive volunteer.

The basic principles of unity, justice, and service are the ideals that have driven my life, motivated my actions, and shaped my experiences. I have defined myself as someone who cares about people, who gives back, and who wants to make positive changes in the global community. In the workplace and in my volunteer experiences I have consistently assumed leadership roles that bring people together towards a common goal. I believe the best way to accomplish this is through passionate dedication, openness, and compassion. The Peace Corps encompasses these desires and is the perfect catalyst for me to continue on this path.

I have experience in the non-profit sector working with at-risk youth and families, managing equestrian programs, and teaching a variety of curriculums to coaches, staff, and students. In my volunteer experience, I have successfully put together and managed events. My efforts have raised money for charitable organizations and have brought people together to promote change and benefit the community.

I am fascinated by social development and its effects on cultures. Because of this, I have devoted much of my time to understanding the differences in people within this dynamic global community. I participated in a study abroad program in the Czech Republic, where I examined cultures of resistance and peaceful revolutions. I also served as a delegate at a Middle East peace conference and as a service fellow in Israel. These experiences have shown me how much of an impact one person can make and has made me confident in my ability to fulfill the Peace Corps’ Core Expectations that require cultural sensitivity, dedicated service, and strength of character. I am inspired to continue reaching out to people from a variety of backgrounds, with the goal of increasing my understanding and capacity to help others.

I have been dedicated to helping people and am devoted to world peace, creating friendships, and fostering understanding between people. The decision to commit to the Peace Corps comes from the confidence I have in my ability to be a valuable volunteer. I know that I can be successful and overcome all the challenges presented to me during my service because I have been through some of life’s hardest challenges and have come out stronger and more inspired. I have an unbelievable support system that has helped me overcome hardship, sometimes despite distance. I understand the value of life and loss, I have learned how to take care of myself when I felt alone, and I have overcome great obstacles. I believe in the worth and capacity of individual initiative and in group commitment. Our lives are transformed by the events we live through. While I know it will be difficult being away for 27 months, I am not afraid to go and to live out my life’s dream to promote peace and friendship between people. I am confident in my ability to help people, I am filled with compassion, and I am motivated to make a change in our world.

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