Tuesday, February 5, 2013

"Next Steps" for Extension?!

In the spirit of keeping everyone informed via the blog-o-sphere, I figured I would share the latest piece of news I have regarding extension. Unfortunately, it isn't a big announcement so don't get too excited but it is all I have for now. What I have learned, as a result of the famous "Peace Corps Grapevine", is that our Country Director and our Director of Programs and Training (who we submitted our extension applications to) should be contacting all applicants by Friday to discuss "next steps" regarding extension.

There is no word yet what "next steps" actually means but, we assume, it implies that staff have read our applications and, subsequently, are informing us if we have been accepted by Peace Corps' country staff for extension and will be moving on to the interview phase (where we meet with staff and organizations to discuss project placement) or if if we have been denied extension. Of course, this may not be exactly what "next steps" means, as none of us are clear on the process, but this is what "the grapevine" is saying.

Ultimately, this blog post is merely stating that I will know something about my extension application by Friday... maybe... since this is all third-hand information... but something is better than nothing, right? sigh.

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