Tuesday, December 4, 2012

"Between hello and goodbye is I love you"

This morning one of my dear friends left Botswana. It was a sad day for me. This is a marked loss since she is someone I grew very close to over the past year. It was also a day for rejoicing (which may have to come much much later after the tears have dried up) because this is the start of something very exciting for her. My friend came to Botswana from Ireland to gain experience in her chosen career path and to have an adventure. Two years later, she has achieved both and is going back to Ireland with an offer for her dream job and with a lifetime of memories. I am so proud of her and all that she accomplished here and I will forever be grateful for her friendship. Having her in my life has made my time here all the more special and has eternally enriched my life. So, today, I shed a few tears for my loss but also toast to her achievements and the knowledge that I have gained a lifelong friend. Ali, my dear, you will be missed. Until we meet again... I love you friend!

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