Monday, October 24, 2011

An Introduction: Curtis

About two weeks ago, I introduced you all to Bernard. I am sad to report that he turned out to be a short-term visitor. He has eaten the last of his spider meals, packed his teeny tiny bag, and left my lizard hostel. His tenancy, however, has been replaced by a longer-term guest. And, since he appears to like it here and will be sticking around, I would like to formally introduce you to my new friend Curtis.

Curtis is a cute little lizard friend (about 4" long and skinnier than Bernard - he's had less spider snacks I assume). He checked in two days ago and seems to be taking to the Peace Corps lifestyle quite well. He freely wanders around my house, going from room-to-room, and hangs out with me while I read a book or watch a show. Although he's quite shy, he seems to be a courteous house guest. So "welcome Curtis", I hope you enjoy your stay!

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